Joachim Schmeisser

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Joachim Schmeisser is best known for his major photographic series he has done in East Africa – his iconic portraiture of Elephants – especially the Orphan Elephants at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.
He started this project in 2009 – during a stopover on a trip to the mountain gorillas in Rwanda and the Hadzabe in Tansania. Everything changed once he found himself surrounded by these baby elephants and his short travel break turned into a wonderful friendship and terrific project. It is still ongoing even today and has become a matter close to his heart. 
Joachim Schmeissers intention is to show the beauty and uniqueness of our planet and to increase sensitivity for a topic that concerns us all. The series “The last Giants” is now supplemented with photographs of the mountain gorillas in Ruanda and the last rhinos in Kenya.
In 2012, Joachim Schmeisser won the prestigious Hasselblad Award for this work an in 2017 his book »Elephants in Heaven« was launched by the German Publisher TeNeues.